Now, AtyrauNefteMash LLP is undergoing an audit to implement the API Q1 system under the NCOC N.V. local content support program. The audit is conducted by Eneco Solutions.

AtyrauNefteMash LLP prepares documents in accordance with the plan for the implementation of the API Q1 system.

Specification for the requirements of a quality management system for a production organization in the oil and gas industry (specification API Q1).

This specification was developed to describe the quality management system of organizations that produce products or provide services related to production in accordance with the product specifications for use in the oil and gas industry.

The purpose of this specification is to set out the minimum requirement for the development of a quality management system that creates the conditions for continuous improvement and also minimizes losses in production organizations. It is designed to ensure the reliability of the production segment of the oil and gas industry. This specification does not set itself the goal of providing uniformity in the structure of a quality management system or documentation.

Details on the Eneco Solutions website: http://eneco.kz/api-speczifikacziya-q1-q2