Manufacturing capabilities

Heavy Engineering Workshop

  • In 2015, the company commissioned a new heavy engineering workshop (DTM) workshop with an area of 8640 m², which is equipped with unique equipment that has no analogues in the Republic of Kazakhstan and at least throughout Central Asia. Equipment brands such as PEMA, BOLDRINI, DEUMA, HUGS SMITH, LINCOLN and ESAB allow us to manufacture products with a diameter of 12 meters, length can reach 120 meters, and weight exceeds 1,500 tons.
    The maximum wall thickness of manufactured vessels is up to 200 mm. Two cranes with capability of 75 tons (overall 150 tons).

Hot deep galvanizing and grating workshop

  • Workshop for the production of grating and hot-dip galvanizing materials. Shop area-5400m2
  • Expected commissioning by the end of October 2019
  • The frame scheme consists of three spans of 20 m with a longitudinal step of columns of 9.6 m.
  • Overhead crane: a load capacity of 25t
  • Hot dip galvanizing line with a production capacity of 12,000 tons / year.
  •  Grating floor welding line with a production capacity of 6,000 tons / year.

Auxiliary workshop.

The workshop area is 7776 m2. It is equipped with basic bridge cranes with a loading capacity of 50 t and 75t, rail tracks and clean floors (topping).

  • Production of steel structure,, with a production capacity of 1,500 tons / year.
  • Shot blasting machine, with a maximum workpiece size of 12x2.5x0.8m
  • Welding rotators with a loading capacity up to 250 tons.

Painting shop.

The area of the workshop is 1638 m2, with bays (spaces) for the preparation and storage of paint products. It is equipped with 2 cranes with a loading capacity of 8 tons (monorail), rail tracks and clean floors (topping).

Rolling machine.

вальцовочная машина.JPG
The maximum width of the processed sheet is 3.5 meters.
The maximum thickness of the cold sheet to be processed is up to 200 mm, with preheating of the sheet up to 350 mm;
The maximum force developed by the machine when bending the sheet is 4200 tons

  • 8 spans for manufacturing inside the covered workshop;
  • Covered workshops for sandblasting and painting;
  •  A portable furnace for post weld heat treatment of products up to 22 in length, up to 11 wide and up to 11.5 meters high;
  • Accessibility of railway transport and convenient geographical location for large companies in the western region (TCO, KPO, KPI, NCOC, Total, etc.);
  • Three consortiums with international companies to increase production capacity and create a competitive environment when participating in tenders. We will cooperate with them mainly in the production of heavy wall equipment, cladding equipment, large-sized columns, heat exchangers and air coolers;
  • Gas generator station of Linde: the device consists of two cryogenic pressure vessels with a volume of 30 cubic meters, evaporators and pumps, ensuring the possibility of supplying high-quality technical gas (oxygen, argon) to our own needs. The cylinder charging station fills with argon and oxygen up to 200 cylinders of each type for an 8-hour work shift, for delivery to the regional market.
  • In 2012, SagatEnergy (an affiliate company of the ANACO Group consortium) along with ANM launched a GPPS cogeneration cycle with a production capacity of 2 MW, based on Waukesha APG 1000 16V150LTD engines with a capacity of 2x1 MW, to supply the AtyrauNefteMash plant with heat and electricity.

In September 2019, we plan to launch the latest welding equipment, which will reduce the production time by three times:

  • Automated welding center with console type EHD-7000 10 * 7, with a laser tracking interface for welding TANDEM TWIN.
  • TW9000-350S self-centering assembly station for assembling shells with a diameter of up to 9 meters with anti-drift block.
  • SM-55 milling machine for trimming the sides of the shells under the weld, with a laser pointer and a cutting depth of up to 120 mm.

AtyrauNefteMash plant has an accredited laboratory capable of carrying out non-destructive and destructive tests. ANM has the ability to perform non-destructive testing using MT, PT, RT, UT, ET, LT and VT methods. Also, the ANM can conduct tests of materials to determine its properties: tensile strength, bending tests, flattening tests, impact tests, hardness test, as well as spectral analysis to confirm the chemical composition.