Equipment weighing 465 tons was delivered to the Atyrau Refinery


One more large equipment was delivered to the Atyrau oil refinery - the bunker of the fresh catalyst T-0102, according to the plant's website. It is designed for temporary storage and for the introduction of an additional amount of fresh catalyst to the reactor unit. The bunker is an integral part of the catalytic cracking of "R2R" complex of deep oil refining. Its height is 41500mm, diameter - 8000mm, volume - 2090m3. The design maximum pressure is 5.2 kg / cm2; the design temperature is 80 ° C. The terms of reference for the design were developed by Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co. LTD ", and the project - specialists of" AtyrauNefteMash "LLP. According to Denis Rostopchuk, chief engineer of AtyrauNefteMash LLP, the total weight of the tank of fresh catalyst T-0102 was 465 tons, therefore large-scale equipment was manufactured and delivered to the Atyrau refinery in separate parts. This is not the first large-sized products manufactured by Atyrau machine builders. On May 22, two large vertical vessels (hopper) were delivered to the plant: the spent catalyst tank T-0101 and the auxiliary catalyst tank T-0103, which will be used during the operation of the catalytic cracking unit R2R (section 100) at the deep oil refining complex . Each of them weighs 220 tons. The manufacture of all these hoppers was carried out in a specially constructed complex and using the latest technologies. Special equipment was purchased to handle the edges for welding, automatic, arc welding machines to ensure the quality and speed of work. Transportation of a large part of the tank of fresh catalyst T-0102 was carried out on a self-propelled trolley controlled by a remote control. The other two parts were brought to the platforms, which were pulled by powerful tractors. The cargo was delivered along the central roads of the city of Atyrau, as the pipeline mains of the HPS excluded the possibility of delivering the products directly to the plant. In advance, the plant specialists agreed with the state authorities on the route scheme, issued all the permits for the unimpeded movement of equipment along this route. The safety precautions were strictly observed. The specialists of the Atyrau refinery carried out control throughout the entire route of the cargo. Thanks to joint efforts, oversized products were successfully delivered to the plant.