In Atyrau for Atyrau OIl Refinery, we have manufactured equipment weighing 220 tons


Equipment weighing 220 tons was manufactured in Atyrau for Atyrau Oil Refinery. The super heavy technological columns were assembled in the production of AtyrauNefteMash. The customer was Atyrau Oil Refinery.

Huge products, similar in appearance to rockets, are called "Catalyst Hoper" and are designed for deep oil refining. The length of each vessel is 27 meters, and the height is 6 meters. A special workshop was built for the manufacture of this equipment. In addition, it took several hours to transport it to ANPZ. The traffic was stopped and about 30 power lines and cables were disconnected.

Alexander Donskov, General Director of AtyrauNefteMash:

Specially very unique equipment for manufacturing such type of products was purchased. And today we are witnessing the first products for our plant. This is the first production not only for the plant, for the region and for machine building in Kazakhstan.

Azamat Iztyleuov, manager of the transport company:

To transport this equipment, we underwent careful preparation. We had to lift power lines so as not to damage them. In principle, the work itself is not difficult. I want to note that for asphalt during transportation there is no harm, the wheels of special vehicles do not differ from the usual "Gazelle".