Complex technological equipment

In 2015, on our territory AtyrauNefteMash LLP was commissioned the HEAVY ENGINEERING SHOP and equipped with equipment such as: welding station called PEMA for shell assembly, BOLDRINI three-roll milling machine, HUGH SMITH edge milling machine, ESAB and Lincoln welding consoles, which allows us to manufacture complex technological equipment such as columns, reactors, separators, vessels operating under high pressure using engineering design solutions and the latest manufacturing technology.
We have experience in manufacturing from various types of material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, clad steel (Alloy 625, Incoloy 825), we are able to manufacture equipment with a diameter of up to 12 meters, the length of which can reach up to 120 meters, exceeding the weight of 1,500 tons and with wall thickness up to 200 mm.