Oil and Gas equipment

Oil and Gas equipment

Equipment for heating oil

  1. Furnace tubular block PTB-10A
  2. Furnace tubular block PTB-10E
  3. The furnace of direct heating of oil PPN-3
  4. Automated oil-heating furnace PT-4-64
  5. Pipeline heaters, automated, PT-16/150
  6. Track heater automated PP-0,63
  7. Oil heater with intermediate coolant PPT-0.2
  8. Preheater PPTM-0.2
  9. Track heater PP-1,6
  10. Preheater block with intermediate coolant PBT-1,6
  11. Unit for the preparation of liquid fuel.

Tubular furnaces
Tubular furnaces for various technological processes of oil refining, petrochemical, coke chemical, gas, oil and gas field, road andwoodworking and other industries.
Tubular furnaces are designed for high-temperature heating of oil or oil products during their processing.
If necessary, hydrocarbon gases, water, inert gas and other media can be heated.

The first letter is a constructive version:
D – tube furnaces with an upper flue gas outlet and horizontal radiant pipes;
В – tubular furnaces with an upper flue gas outlet and vertical radiant pipes;
C – cylindrical tube furnaces with an upper convection chamber;
K – cylindrical tubular furnaces with annular convection chamber;
C – sectional tube furnaces;
B – block tubular furnaces for oil fields;

The second letter is a method of burning fuel:
C – free torch;
Н – a flooring torch;
Д – a flooring torch with a differential air supply along the height of the torch;
The number after the letter designation is the number of radiant chambers (P) or sections (C).
In the absence of a figure, a single-chamber (single-section) option.
Numbers: in the numerator of the fraction – the surface of the heating of radiant pipes, m2;
in the denominator – length or height of radiant pipes, m.

Coil coils
They are used for tubular furnaces in the oil refining, petrochemical and gas industries.
They are produced with steeply curved and stamped welded bends.
The radiant part is made “smooth”, convective, usually with spiral-ribbed ribbing or spike.

Capacitive equipment list

  1. Capacity underground horizontal drainage, type EP
  2. Capacities underground drainage type EPP
  3. Horizontal capacitive devices for liquid hydrocarbon media of type 1
  4. Apparatuses vertical for liquid hydrocarbon media of type 2
  5. Vertical Capacitor for Gas Hydrocarbon Media Type 3
  6. Horizontal steel tanks for liquid petroleum products

Separating equipment

  • Oil and gas separators of NGS type
  • Oil and gas separators with water discharge type NGSV
  • Gas separators GS1, GS2
  • Flare separators type FS
  • OT Sump
  • Sedimentation tank OH
  • Water Sump

Flare units
Are applied in the industries:

  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil refining
  • chemical industry
  • other industries

For highly efficient combustion of gases with:

  • emergency discharges
  • permanent discharges
  • periodic discharges
  • equipment failure, power outages
  • routine maintenance
  • burning of vapors and organic substances

The standard delivery set includes:

  • flare
  • title
  • on-duty burners
  • burner control means
  • panel ignition and control.

In addition, the following equipment is available for delivery:

  • flare separator
  • water trap and / or fire suppressor
  • Drainage tank with condensate pump
  • gas regulating station
  • APCS
  • and other

Completeness of delivery is determined by agreement with the customer.
Filtration equipment
Filters type SJ
FGK Filters